The latest Nexus intel suggests that Google is letting HTC jump back in the ring for at least two new Nexus devices. The rumor doesn't specify any details on these devices, except that they will be a 5-inch and a 5.5-inch device. If true, it seems that HTC will be the primary Nexus device maker this year. Alternatively, it could be that Google plans to introduce two new Nexus devices along with some from other OEMs, or some combination thereof.

Either way, if the rumor is true, you could easily infer that Google is trying to help HTC stay in the game. It's no secret that HTC's business is on critical life support. Last year their revenues slid 34%. Giving them a crack at the next Nexus infuses them with some much needed capital and clout in the Android world In retrospect, HTC was the first OEM to make a Nexus device: the HTC Nexus One (shown above). The only other Nexus device to come from HTC was the Nexus 9 tablet. It could be argued that it's simply their turn again.

We will keep an eye out for an corroborating evidence of this rumor.

Source: GadgetzArena