Project Fi, for those who have tried the service, is easily one of the best values for many consumers. Not only does it offer excellent and reliable service in most areas of the country now, it also is very affordable. In fact, for moderate to light data users, it's easily the least expensive option in the entire U.S. market (assuming it's in your area).

Besides the excellent and affordable service, the Project Fi app happens to bring extra value as well with some slick and useful features. As of today, there is even more extra value to be found in the Project Fi app. Two new features are being added in an update to the app. The first is a widget which gives you a handy dial displaying your data usage. Not only does it display how much data used in your current billing cycle, it even shows you how many days you have left before it resets.

The second slick feature that Google added to the Project Fi app is a call forwarding toggle. This feature lets you easily activate or deactivate call forwarding for any number you have with just the touch of a button. You don't even need to reverify anything each time you reenable it. Nice!

Source: Reddit