LG has been hard-charging into the smartphone market as of late. Now they are adding some new innovative tech to their roster. They are expected to show off their new 'Thinq' technology at CES this week. This technology will allow the user to use their smartphone or tablet to monitor and control LG appliances designed for the platform. Examples of uses include, but are not limited to, Refrigerators keeping track of food inventory, monitoring energy usage of appliances, and signaling the end of a washing machine cycle or oven timer. LG intends to create new appliances with additional ways of controlling them in the future.

Pretty cool stuff to say the least. Pretty soon, everyone will have a 'Jetsons' style house that is voice controlled by your smartphone. I would love to be down on the CES floor checking this stuff out when they demonstrate it, but at least I can write about it and share it with you guys.

Source: Phandroid
by dgstorm

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