It seems the TV maker Vizio is getting into the Android game. This week at CES they are going to show off an entire line of Android powered devices. You can get a peak at the full press release over at Here is a summary of the highlights:
  • The whole shebang is called the Vizio VIA Plus Ecosystem.
  • The VIA Phone is a 4-inch Android smartphone with 1GHz processor, 802.11 n Wifi, GPS, HDMI output, 5MP rear camera and front-facing secondary camera.
  • The VIA Tablet is an 8-inch tablet with 1GHz processor, 802.11n Wifi, GPS, HDMI output, three speakers for stereo audio, plus a front-facing camera.
  • VIA Plus televisions and Blu-ray players have Google TV built in. The phone and tablet will, of course, serve as remote controls.
Everyone seems to be joining 'Andy's' party!

Source: AndroidCentral
by dgstorm

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