Toshiba just brought us a little something for those Android lovers that want something similar to the iPad. This new tablet brings together the hardware needed to bring you a great tablet experience, and unlike most, doesn't include a slow processor to limit your enjoyment. The features include the previously mentioned dual cameras, 5MP in the back and 2MP in front for those video call moments (Skype hopefully coming soon). The device is powered by a Tegra 2 dual core processor, which means you should see great performance out of the tablet and hopefully Honeycomb is optimized for this. The screen is a nice capacitive 1280 x 800-resolution display that incorporates the usual features, along with both accelerometer and ambient light sensors for an adaptive screen experience. The last thing to mention, spec wise, is the full sized USB and HDMI jacks, a single mini-USB socket, and an SD card slot.

While we wait for Honeycomb to be released, and this device to come with it, Engadget had this to say about the tablet:

While we couldn't turn on the dual-core Tegra 2-powered tablet, which will eventually run "the next version of Android designed for tablets" aka Honeycomb, we have to say the EasyGrip, spill-resistant, rubberized back felt really solid in hand and the 1.7-pound, .6-inch thick tablet felt comparable to the iPad in terms of portability. Oh, and did we mention that the aforementioned rear cover is swappable, so not only can you change its color but you can replace the battery? We told you it had some of the ingredients to make it go far, but we're obviously lacking quite a bit of information here to make any further decisions.
Now I am sure this is what many of you were waiting for. It has specs of a great device, a processor to power that great device, and a new OS that is optimized for such awesome devices. Is there anything else you want in this tablet? How much would you pay for this? Tell us your thoughts over at the Android Tablet Forum.

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