2010 marked the bloom of consumer awareness for mobile tablet computing devices, jump starting with the Apple iPad in April. Despite Google's recommendation against the implementation of even the newest version of Android (at the time, Android 2.2) for tablet computing devices, 2010 was an eventful year for the growing and immature operating system for tablets on Android.

From May, the Android tablet market started to take off with a pattern of mediocrity in the form of the Eken M001, followed by a generic 7" iPad clone with Android 1.5 on Rockchip RK2808, and the 7" white Pandigital Novel. These devices arguably have less performance than the first-generation HTC Dream/T-Mobile G1 if it were used as a wifi-only device. This is, of course, less than stellar.

The Dell Streak launched as a 5" Android tablet, but is really more of an enlarged phone than a tablet at this size and also with the chipset it uses. The price was similar to similarily specified Android phones.

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