The Nielsen Ratings are out for the 3 Top smartphone manufacturers in November, and they bode very well for Google's Android. Apple's iPhone on the other hand is barely inching forward with market movement, and the only market-share they gained was probably at the expense of RIM/Blackberry. In fact, things look pretty grim for 'ye olde Blackberry.' As you can see from the chart above, Android is now up to 25.8 percent of the market. That's a gain of 3.1 percent in just one month, from the 22.7 percent share it had in October! To put it in perspective, the iPhone only gained 0.7 percent in that same time frame, and the Blackberry lost 1.3 percent. Where Andy really shines is in the 'new adoption portion' of the market ratings. As you can see from the chart below, both Apple and RIM lost points in the race for new customers, whereas, Android gained a whopping 3.2 percent to finish at 40.8 percent compared to Apple's 26.9 percent and RIM's anemic 19.2 percent!

Obviously, this new year will be an interesting test for Android, because Verizon is soon to get the iPhone; however, whether that will actually slow Google's momentum, or barely register as a hiccup remains to be seen. There is a diverse and exciting variety of new Android tech coming soon too, and if 'Andy' can keep this current pace, he will have bested the Apple Juggernaut by the first quarter of this year.

Source: Gigaom via Mobileburn
by dgstorm