There are multiple reports of users receiving the new Google Android Market Update. It includes a few new features including moving toward a single column approach instead of the "tabs" format. It also has a more streamlined UI.

One move that will annoy some and barely register for others is they have reduced the available time for getting a refund on apps from 24 hours to 15 minutes. That seems like a drastic reduction, but if you think a bit, it makes sense. I usually know within the first 2 minutes whether an app is useful or not. Furthermore, it keeps the unscrupulous people out there from "virtual renting", i.e. buying an app or game, using it fully during that 24 hour period, then getting a full refund. At first this seemed to be an inordinately short time, but after pondering it for a bit, I don't really have a problem with it... although, there are definitely good points to be made for making it a bit longer... perhaps an hour.

We are more interested in what you guys think so let us know in the forums! The new market will slowly be pushed out to us throughout December.

Source: Talkandroid
by dgstorm