Verizon has just announced a shift in their upgrade policy that's bound to leave some folks a little miffed. On Jan. 16, their new policy goes into effect and their old promotions are being retired. Users still under a standard two-year contract won't be able to upgrade during months 13 through 20. Instead, they must wait until the contract is nearly finished. Verizon's previous "New Every Two" program will be phased out as old customers re-up. Customer's on one-year contracts won't be effected by these changes.

This new policy is a bit rough, as there are many of us that like to switch out to newer tech phones as soon as they become available. I understand the policy, as Verizon must have been hemorrhaging money from paying the "discount" fee to each cell phone manufacturer every-time someone upgrades to a new phone. Still, I hope they realize that this could bring them some bad publicity and come up with something different. We shall see.

Source: Androidcentral
by dgstorm