Seeing as the previous post just below this had a high interest device, I thought this deserved it’s on post. The new LG Black, a device that brings tears of joy to my heart, was just pre announced by Engadget and is being held down by LG for their press release this week. The device that many might call an iPhone 4 look alike is far from the title. This phone comes with a description that if released by Steve Jobs, would go something like this:
“The world of smartphones need a savior, for ages now we have had phones that are so thick you cannot comfortably carry around with you. Well our new innovation brings together an industry breaking 9.3mm of pure aluminum thin design, that even our closest compeditiors could not achieve with a year time. This new multimedia powerhouse device doesn’t stop there; it brings to the market, our latest and greatest screen technology, able to produce brightness almost 2X higher than the competition, it’s an amazing piece of engineering mastermind. To end it we brought you a design that when you take out your pocket, you want to be proud that you own a sleek and sexy device, but also that you have something that brings out your personality, and Android is that something.
What do you say guys? Did we do it again?”

Well this is not the new iPhone, nor is LG’s CEO anyone like Steve Jobs, but I mean this is one heck of a phone I’ll tell you that, and I am quite excited to get one myself. Before we get too excited though, the full press release should be out soon, so look out for that.

Source (LG Optimus Black and LTE-equipped Revolution coming to CES -- Engadget)