Oh, sure -- Google's being all-too-kind by handing out a few free megabytes of Verizon data with each of its Cr-48 netbooks, but if you're both lucky enough to have one and more inclined to use that dust-collecting AT&T SIM of yours, there's hardly a better day for you to pay attention to a hack. After noticing that a recent update to Chrome OS added GSM support for Qualcomm's Gobi 3G chip, Hexxeh dug in a little to see what it'd take to get the Cr-48 operational with a data SIM from Ma Bell. Turns out there's shockingly little needed from you; simply flip the Developer switch beneath the battery and follow the shell commands listed in the source link. It should be noted that there's no data counter here, so watch those gigabytes if you're working with a data cap. There, we solved your Saturday. You're welcome.