It's common knowledge that the Droid Bionic is the ever-so-slightly-lower-end CDMA cousin to the mighty Atrix 4G, lacking a little RAM and compatibility with the interesting Laptop Dock. Otherwise, though, you've still got that lovely 1GHz Tegra 2 action and dual-band 802.11n, which is actually how we came to suspect that this device that just passed the FCC today is indeed the Bionic. Dual-band WiFi support is still exceptionally rare -- the Atrix 4G has it, of course -- so when you add that in with a CDMA cellular radio, that gives us plenty of evidence to work with. No word on a release date yet for this thing, but let's hope it doesn't trail the Atrix by long, right?

Update: Wireless Goodness makes some interesting points that suggest this could actually be the Xoom, not the Droid Bionic; most notably, the documentation makes reference to a non-removable battery, which would leave the Bionic out of the picture. That would also make sense considering the Xoom's imminent availability, versus the Bionic's rough Q2 target.