We love Froyo for many reasons, but one of them is the fact that it allows Adobe FlashPlayer to run on the Android device. Having access to the FULL internet — right down to videos and games — available to you on your mobile device is a huge perk. The only problem with a lot of those flash games is that they’re just not designed to be controlled well on a mobile device. Well, Kazeari, with xda-developers, has released an app that will allow you to better control these Flash games. It also allows you to save games to your SD card and run them from there. Also, if you have a keyboard on your device, you can customize the controls to run the way you want them. (Obviously, the app features a virtual keyboard for those without a physical one.)
If you’ve been wanting to play Flash games on your phone but have been having issues with the controls, this app is definitely one you should look into. Obviously, Adobe FlashPlayer is required. Be sure to give the developer feedback, and let us know your thoughts as well!

[via XDA]