A dutch website that did some reporting from MWC this year, and they seem to indicate that NVIDIA may have accidentally 'leaked' the name of the interesting looking Toshiba android 3.0 Tablet. Supposedly, it will be called 'Antares'. The skinny is that NVIDIA was demonstrating a prototype of the tablet. In the "About phone" section of the Settings app, the tablet listed "Antares" as its model number. Obviously, a model number and an actual product name aren't exactly the same thing; however, this seems like a pretty slick name for a competitive Android tablet. It could just be the internal 'codename', like 'honeycomb' or 'gingerbread', because earlier our sister-site reported a previous rumor that the tablet will be called 'The Folio'. Hmmm... we will have to wait and see.

Personally, I'm more excited about this tablet than any other that has been announced. It's specs seem impressive and solid, and I love Toshiba's sense of humor about Apple's fight with Adobe Flash. If their pricing is competitive, this puppy could just be a 'sleeper' hit.

Source: AndroidPolice and Tabletguide.nl