Here are some more tidbits from Sony Ericsson. They are apparently working on an Android-based Tablet. Perhaps they will have a "PlayStation Tablet" to go with their "PlayStation Phone"... Also, they are deep in development on an LTE device that will probably hit in Asian markets first. Interestingly, they also had this to say about Microsoft's Windows Phone 7,
ďOn the other hand, we have not released any new windows products for the last nine months or 12 months. Itís still a possibility that we could, but we donít see any real reason for it because Android is growing so dramatically, and it has an attractiveness when it comes to the user-friendliness and market growth, and the carriers are loving it. But we donít close our eyes on other thingsĒ Jan Uddenfeldt, CTO, Sony Ericsson
That's a pretty good endorsement, and a mild 'slap-in-the-face' to Microsoft. What do you wanna bet he has an Android?

Source: via SlashGear