As a journalist, it can be daunting to find interesting stories, or, more importantly, accurate information regarding upcoming new products or their releases. 'Scoring' the hint of an exciting new device or a solid release date to share with everyone is one of the most satisfying scoops you can get your hands on. That desire to bring you something really 'special' so that you know something before the general masses is a great motivator.

It can also become really frustrating in those rare occasions, like now with the HTC Thunderbolt, that a company tap-dances their way around multiple release dates. Our newest bit of intel suggests that the TBolt won't come out until March 10th now!

In this instance, we have a Best Buy - Verizon internal document clearly shows the March 10th release date, but I wouldn't bet any hard cash on this one being 'accurate' either. We shall wait and see, and tell you the skinny as soon as we know it... and, probably any other info that may or may not be right.

Someone get us off this 'roller-coaster'!

Source: Phandroid