When we heard Android graphics would eventually near or surpass the performance of consoles such as the Xbox or PlayStation 2, we had trouble visualizing how. We didn’t know what, when, where, and who would blow us away. The Epic Citadel was pretty impressive, but I think a new king has shown up.
The folks at Southern Interactive introduced their new game – Desert Winds – and gave Pockett an exclusive preview of the demo running on Android.
They didn’t mention which Snapdragon chipset was being used exactly, but we can’t imagine anything less than a dual-core processor was being used with Qualcomm’s Adreno 3xx series of GPUs set to ship to OEMs this year. We had more on these chipsets in this post back in November.

I’m not sure how soon we’ll see games like this pop up regularly for Android, but we’ll be partying once that day comes.