An obvious case for the 'definition of irony' can be made from the new Android Market search app called 'Chomp'. According to some reviews on the web, it works better than Google's own search function for the app market.

Of course, for anyone who has used the Android Market search, any improvement would be welcome, and 'Chomp' was designed specifically to address that issue. The co-founder of Chomp, Ben Keighran, had this to say,
Weve developed the algorithm that really stands out on Android since search is so bad. It learns the topic and function of every app in the store. And using AI and machine learning, it builds a whole new database of apps,
He also indicated that they have had a team of 20 computer scientists working on this patented technology.

While his claims of using "AI" are a bit lofty, the result of their work speaks for itself. The interface of Chomp is intuitive and easy to use, and it actually works the way they claim. An article from TechCrunch had this to say,
And its not just whats underneath Chomp on Android actually looks really good and gives you a pleasing way to browse apps. Navigation is simple and intuitive, and the core way to browse when you find the category youre looking for is just to swipe from side to side across different apps until you find the one you want.
Furthermore, a review from AndroidPolice shared,
Clearly, Chomp is leaps and bounds ahead of the Android Market in terms of the relevance of search results. Alongside the results, the combination of attractiveness and functionality of the UI makes this a soon-to-be hit app.
It's surprising that Google, the 'de facto standard' in internet search could 'epic fail' on their own Android Market search function, and another company can surpass them in functionality. Of course, it isn't truly comparing 'apples to apples' since both search functions look for different info in different ways, but it is ironic that Google couldn't do a better job. It just goes to show that anyone can produce a quality search engine if they are designing it toward a specific niche, and that different algorithms work better for different situations.

Check out the video above; then download it and tell us what you think in the forums.

Source: AndroidPolice and TechCrunch