Some exciting stuff is coming down the pipe for Sprint during CTIA this year. Apparently, Sprint decided to skip major announcements at CES and MWC this year in favor of a two and a half hour block at CTIA instead.

Their announcements look to be pretty big and some industry 'rumint' has some details. The first is probably going to be a Nexus S 4G with WiMAX. Also, they may be announcing two new EVO devices, since the 'awesome-sauce' of the original EVO jump-started Sprint back into smartphone competitiveness. The first of these two devices is rumored to be a 3D EVO 'sequel' of some kind. The second may be called the EVO View, an EVO branded Android Tablet. This is exciting stuff to say the least, and we will keep you informed as more details emerge.

Source: via Engadget