The Galaxy SII, Samsung's primary dual-core competitor to the LG Optimus 2x, Motorola Atrix 4G and Motorola DROID Bionic, just got a pretty in-depth preview over at They included some slick video demos, comparing it to the previous Galaxy S, and we wanted to share them with you. The audio on these demos is in Russian, but the video's themselves still show off some cool stuff. This device is really loaded with features. Samsung is taking this one very seriously, since this is their flagship product, and throwing everything they can 'under the hood'. From the preview at mobile-review, it looks like it has a few draw-backs, but will still be a serious 'contender' in the 'super-phone' market of the future. Here's a new list of features:
  • 4.3" SuperAMOLED Plus screen with resolution of 800x480 (16 million colors)
  • VibeZ technology that gives vibration response for every key press
  • NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual-Core CPU or Samsung's own Exynos/Orion Dual-Core CPU (depending on market & manufacturing conditions at time of purchase)
  • 1GB Ram & 16GB Storage with 32GB MicroSD Storage capability
  • 8.5mm Thickness & 4.1oz weight
  • 8MP Rear-facing Camera & 2MP Front-facing Camera
  • 1080p HD Video
  • 1650 mAh Battery (although their preview version was only 1500mAh)
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFI & WiFI Direct
  • NFC
  • Kies via WiFi (check out the video demo of this interesting feature)
  • Movement Control

The only drawbacks that caught the eye, were the plastic back panel because the phone gets pretty hot, and sometimes when closing the back panel it doesn't fit snug and must be re-seated. These seem like minor quibbles...

The guys at mobile-review seemed very impressed with the phone. They indicated that performance was very good, achieving Quadrant scores of between 2000 and 2700 depending on how it was configured. This suggests that performance could be even better with optimization. The article had this to say,
Samsung has created a flagship without any compromises. Unfortunately, there is not a single phone with a similar aggregate of specs or features. The closest to Galaxy S II are the phones base on Nvidia Tegra 2 but they have worse cameras and screens and they are bigger. Amazing, but Samsung has created a flagship with an excellent price to quality ratio for its segment. In a year the phone will still have one of the best functionalities, it won't be outclassed by other phones though there will be more interesting offers from other manufacturers. This phone is positioned as a long term flagship i.e. a phone you buy if you want to keep it for a long time. The life span of this phone on most markets and for most users will be outstanding.

Samsung seems to have really 'upped the ante' in 'super-phone' tech. I especially liked the 'Kies via WiFI' functionality that is demonstrated in the second video. Dang... these manufacturers are making it harder and harder to decide on a new phone. What are your thoughts? Is this one worth waiting for?

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