This news isn't directly Android related, but it is something really worthwhile from Google, so we thought we would share it with you. "Props" go out to Google for "getting in action" regarding the Tsunami that just hit Japan this morning. Where most of us sit around wondering what we could possibly do to help, the Google devs whipped up a quick "Person Finder Tool".

It's basically a website database that allows worried folks to "look-up" their loved ones that may have been affected by the Tsunami. Right now, the site has over 7000 people added. Here's what Engadget had to say about it, quote] should be a useful repository for missing person data, particularly since mobile networks were taken down by the tsunami's damage earlier this morning. Information should also start piling up as recovery efforts continue. Let's just hope this Person Finder won't have to be used for too long and things can be brought back to normal soon. [/quote]

Source: Engadget via Google Person Finder Tool