New dramatic developments regarding Clearwire have come to light. Apparently, they were recently served a lawsuit alleging the company throttled users download speeds and didn't provide the services they promised. Shortly after this announcement, the CEO, Bill Morrow, and two other executives resigned. Mr. Morrow supposedly left "for personal reasons". Mike Sievert, chief commercial officer, and Kevin Hart, CIO, have both both claim they are leaving, “to pursue other opportunities.”

The article at Slashgear had this to say,
The company claims the exec exits will not impact its ongoing wholesale negotiations with Sprint, an agreement on which it expects is “imminent.” The two carriers had disagreed over profit sharing, and Sprint had suggested it could look instead to an LTE network.
Something stinks like a trash-heap about this, and I don't care what the company says, this has to impact Sprint's decision making process regarding dumping Clearwire in favor of LTE. It's also "telling" that the two companies were disagreeing over profit-sharing. Maybe Sprint should just take this as a "sign" and ditch these turkeys. Their customers would probably be a lot happier having an LTE network that could be implemented at a lot faster rate than the glacial pace of WiMAX. What do you guys think?

Source: SprintDroids via SlashGear