For those that want to get their hands on the HTC Thunderbolt at a fantastic deal, WireFly goes live with pre-orders that will give them exactly that. As you can see above, you can get the TBolt for only $199.99 on-contract. Below is the off-contract price, and it is juicy too, as you can see. To make this deal even more compelling, in most states WirFly doesn't charge taxes, and is offering free shipping! That saves about another $25 bucks or so off what you would pay buying in a Verizon or Best Buy. Try not to stampede over your family trying to get to the computer to order this one!

Let us know if you see any better deals than this, so we can pass them on to everyone else. dancedroid

Thanks for the tip ScienceSoma!
Source: WireFly Offering TBolt for $200