A couple of industry rumors just surfaced regarding the new Amazon Android App store. Supposedly, "Wired" magazine had an insider source relate to them that the Amazon App store for Android will be launched tomorrow, to come ahead of CTIA later this week. It begs the question, why would Amazon think it's important to run ahead of CTIA?.

Besides the fact that it will be nice to have more options for apps on 'Andy', it also means a second way to get controlled apps from a retailer. Amazon has learned lessons from the "DroidDream" malware fiasco that hit the Android Market recently. They will have tight controls on their apps, and everything will already be malware scanned.

Further speculation as to why Amazon wants to cross-promote-link themselves with Android devices is that Amazon themselves are working on a forthcoming Android device. I know several people that would be pretty excited about an Android-based Kindle.

There was a second rumor from the same source that indicated apps sold on Amazon's Market will not link out to the Android Market. The source of this article had this to say,
In Wired's report, the tipster told the news outlet that the apps sold in the Amazon store cannot link out to the official Android Market when promoting other downloads using links within a given application. Those links have to point to Amazon's market instead.
That's just further proof that Amazon is serious about keeping the Amazon App Store for Android nice and secure (and self-promoting - ). I must admit, this new info makes me more interested in the Amazon App Store than I was before. What do you guys think?

Source: readwriteweb.com