The Samsung Galaxy S II was one heck of a device when launched at MWC early last month, with many of us excited for a formal review; we have something along those lines. A Russian website got their hands on a prototype/pre-shipping device, and the review brought the new device to a line level of greatness. The device passed every test the reviewer put it through, showing off how advanced Samsung really is becoming with their Galaxy S line of phones and what a great piece of technology the new device really is. The video and camera was stealer even considering it’s as thick as the next Galaxy Tab and has every single advance technology the Thunderbolt has, but just in a thinner 8.49mm thick body. Now we won’t be getting our hands on this new device for quite some time now, but the videos will give you an idea of what you should see hit the stores soon.

Video sample (1080P)… Don’t forget to change the video quality to 1080P with YouTube: