The whole dual booting concept has been lingering in the tablet space for some time now, with no one fully adopting it, Gigabyte is reportedly going to take a crack at it. The hardware company that has been keeping it quiet in the past years is finally making headlines with their next generation tablet. The tablets are rumored to run both Windows 7 and an undetermined version of Android (hopefully Android 3.0). They are planning to bring this bad boys out in time for the New Year’s party we are all looking forward to. The purpose of this is to give the users both the flexibility and casual Internet capabilities of Android, or access to a plethora of business-oriented software (like Microsoft Office) via Windows. The tablets will be based on Intel Atom processors and the likelihood of USB ports and other amenities being included is still under question, but only time will tell.

Anyone looking at dual booting Windows 7 anytime soon, or are we all waiting for Windows 8 to be released next year?