Very soon, wireless charging will not require special back covers for phones anymore. Texas Instruments has just unveiled their newest tech advancement, in the form of a tiny Qi chip for wireless charging. To put it in perspective, this chip is only .12 inches at its longest point, which is a decrease in size of 80% over their last chip of the same technology. Furthermore, this little baby pumps out 5W of juice with an amazing 93% efficiency. This little "doohicky" will allow you to charge your phone as fast as if it were plugged in directly. The chip is compliant with the current Qi standard, and it will facilitate thinner phones getting wireless charging.

In the past, this technology has never garnered a large amount of large-scale buyers, because it was just a bit too big to fit into all the fancy new super-thin smartphones coming out. This new technology will change that.

Source: PhoneArena