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    Gremote Winners Announced

    After a long contest, itís time to tell you who the winners are. Before getting to the details, I want to clear one thing up. The reason this application is free in the Market is because the developer is in Poland, and they are not allowed to sell applications there. The developer isnít charging for you to use the application, rather, he charges for the server client you need on your desktop for it to work with the application. With that said, this giveaway has been fun. I liked reading all your reasons, and the developer, one of my old friends from back in my Windows Mobile days, was very pleased with the amount of attention this brought to his application (spread the word).

    Here are the winners(Please PM me your email address so I can get you guys your stuff, please include a hi or something):

    I would use this to control my music on my pc when working in the garage.

    And to mess with family members mwhahahaha....

    Sympathy part: my wife is giving birth to our daughter in 3 to 4 weeks (no lie)

    Member: SEGA

    I want it because I'm a criminal defense attorney and use computers in the courtroom to show evidence, make arguments, etc. If I could control them with my android I wouldn't have to constantly go to the desk to use a mouse.

    Also, my house has a computer in every room, including one attached to the stereo in my living room, and being able to use my phone to rc them all would be, well, just really cool.

    Member: jeffly777

    I'm a college student working on a degree in computer science/computer architecture, and I believe that this application would be ideal for me. I have at least one or two visual presentations that I must give each week to my class and teacher, and having this application would greatly increase the speed of my presentations, as well as making my presentations look better because I would be using technology to its fullest. I've tried 10+ remote apps, as well as a few remote desktop apps for this purpose, and none of them work well without having some major glitches. I've spent probably around $60 on apps for this purpose, and none of them have been worth it.

    Member: mventura57

    With the summer coming I've been looking for a way to control my outdoor speakers which are connected to my computer. Something like this would be a great way to do so without having to run back and forth in the house.

    Member: George XX

    I would use it to hook up my laptop via hdmi so I could watch hulu on the TV! What else even is there? Well...I'm sure I would discover more uses.
    By the way...I've NEVER won a contest ever! Won't the contest gods smile on me this time???

    Member: aggiechase37

    Am thinking I could probably use this with my laptop at work making my control software for our SCARA robots more useful. Being able to move around the machine and control the robot from my phone instead of having to have someone else at the laptop making it do what I tell them to make it do would be quite nice.

    Wireless control would make doing position changes soo much easier.

    DX- its like having a different phone every day. Cause i change everything every day...
    Member: Getsome122

    I'd use this to control the media on my PC in my classroom (I'm a music teacher).
    Member: Dissonance

    Now if you didnít win, you can still try this out and maybe even buy it over at GRemote - the best way to control PC using PDA (Home)
    Thanks for all the participants.
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