This news might not make anyone happy, but since you mightíve missed it, you should know. There has been a new HTC device rumored to hit the world soon with features no other currently offers. The device has a dual core at 1.2 GHz processor, Android 2.3, WiFi N, Bluetooth 3.0, and other features. Now the reason this is special is because itís suppose to be a full QWERTY keyboard device, which makes me think. This device sounds a little similar to MyTouch Slide 2 we have been hearing about lately. I took a quick stop at my neighborhood T-mobile store and they said this summer or so, we should be getting an updated version of that phone with dual core chip, 4G, and other great features. This device might just be it, and no one has yet to put the pieces together. Now thatís not all I was thinking about, my question to you is; am I the only one that thinks T-mobile gets more devices and sometimes once that are even better than any other carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint)? It seems the headlines for new super phones always seem to include T-mobile in it and rarely is it for Sprint or the rest.

Nonetheless, anyone here see the connection? Any thoughts on this whole T-mobile=Android king debate?

HTC Doubleshot leaks, Android 2.3 and a sliding QWERTY keyboard - news