Many of you T-mobile readers have the T-mobile G2, so I thought maybe you’d like to know this new port that was posted over at XDA. After just a day of the Doubleshot’s ROM being leaked, the G2’s community has managed to get a working ROM going. The ROM is now available for anyone that owns the G2 and don’t mind a few negatives to get the latest in HTC Sense 3.0 software, along with other new software features that aren’t currently available in any other production phone. I personally might be getting this on my G2 in just a few days when I get confirmation that the main features I need are working.

Try it: [ROM][DEV] DZ/G2 Doubleshot 1.01.531.1 Sense 3.0 Port r1 (4/28/11) *Work in Progress* - xda-developers