According to an anonymous industry insider, Amazon is not only planning to come out with an Android Tablet of their own... they are actually planning an "entire family" of Android products, and that an Amazon smartphone is not out of the question.

We know for sure that the company is developing at least one Android powered tablet, but this newer rumor seems to indicate they are also working toward several devices... perhaps maybe an Android-powered eBook reader like the Kindle, or maybe a smartphone. It's also been speculated that they may be working on a Google TV device of some kind.

In fact, earlier last week Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, said in an interview that people should "stay tuned" for the company's plans on a new tablet. Moving into these markets is a brilliant strategy for Amazon, as it will create an entire "ecosystem" of digital information providing devices for Amazon, which really fits into their business model anyway.

The article from regarding this Amazon Android "ecosystem" seemed to indicate that it won't be until later this Holiday season, which is contrary to earlier reports that we will see something from Amazon later this summer. I suspect that we will see both. Perhaps, we will see the first Android-powered Amazon tablet this summer, and a host of other products later during Christmas. Stay tuned, because we will keep our ears to the ground on this for you.

Source: BGR and