ThinkFlood is a home automation development company that created the 'RedEye' Universal Remote Control App (and associated home control products) for the iOS platform originally. Recently they announced a free beta test of their award-winning software for the Android platform. Their products are designed to give you total @Home control over various functions like lighting, audio/video, security, HVAC and more. Here's what they had to say about coming to the Android platform,
On June 2, 2009, ThinkFlood was the first company to introduce a universal remote system for iOS devices. Company representatives say, over the past several months, Android compatibility has become the top requested feature for their products.

“RedEye has been a hit with iPhone owners from the start. As Android has grown in popularity we have seen a corresponding uptick in requests to bring our software to that platform, as well,” said Matt Eagar, president and co-founder of ThinkFlood. “Today we are pleased to announce that our networked RedEye products are now fully controllable using Android smartphones and tablets.”

The beta RedEye app for Android is compatible with networked RedEye products (RedEye and RedEye Pro) and supports devices running Android OS 1.6 and later, including Honeycomb (3.0) for tablets. RedEye customers can now use Android phones and tablets alongside iOS devices and PCs to control their RedEye systems. For the moment, configuring RedEye hardware still requires an iOS device; the ability to perform setup from an Android handset will come in a later version.

“We love the amount of choice and flexibility that the Android platform brings, but with these opportunities there are also challenges,” Eagar continued. “In particular, with so many different handsets and operating system versions, it is virtually impossible to test every configuration. For this reason, we chose to keep the app simple and to release a beta version first. As we gather feedback from our beta testers, we can be more confident with regard to handset compatibility and incorporate more advanced functionality to the point where the Android app matches all the features of our current iOS app.”
Their product line-up is impressive, and if you dig deeper into their website, they are pretty reasonably priced as well. It's great to see companies like ThinkFlood create better options in the marketplace with competitively priced products, making home automation more affordable for all of us.

Source: - ThinkFlood