After AT&T showed interest and basically bought T-mobile, Sprint is looking a bit unstable. The company is now seemingly in the market, because a few companies are looking at buying them out, and might go up for sale if this deal goes through. The biggest contender so far is a company that goes by the name CenturyLink, and is a telecommunication company that doesnít have a wireless market just yet and would need Sprint to expand. This news was brought on by Sprintís very own CEO Dan Hesse, who told congress a few days ago; if this deal went through, they would end up being acquired.

This and other things are a major part of congressís decision to either let AT&T buy T-Mobile and make a mega network, or push against the deal and keep these two love struck companies in check. However they decide with this deal, millions of Americans will be affected and we all just hope they make the right choice.

Source: Sprint