NVIDIA has been teasing us with its next-gen Tegra chipset, codenamed Kal-El, since February, and now the company has demonstrated just what sort of thing a quad-core CPU, twelve-core GPU SoC is capable of when you slap it into an Android Honeycomb tablet. A homegrown game, Glowball, shows how the four cores can crunch through real-time dynamic lighting in a way that would bring a dual-core like Tegra 2 to its knees. Tablet or smartphone.

Production Kal-El chips should be 25- to 30-percent faster, according to NVIDIA, and owners of tablets using the new silicon will be able to test it out with Glowball as the company expects to release it – along with extra levels – in the Android Market. The first Kal-El slates are expected later in 2011.

Source: Slash Gear