The most popular Galaxy S device on T-Mobile, well one of the two anyways, is getting a much needed update. This update has gone under radar for a whole 10 days now, but here are a few things that are in this update:

    • ◦ Call functions
      • Incoming caller number displayed instead of name (for customers who subscribe to Caller Name ID service)
    • Memory
      • Phone freezes, soft reboots, lags, or has black screen
    • Messaging (SMS, MMS, e-mail)
      • Error: ‘Message not sent’ or ‘Error in server response’ when sending a Picture Message
      • Contact’s name does not appear in text message ‘To’ field
    • Wi-Fi Calling
      • No data connection after leaving Wi-Fi area

If your phone did not get the update just yet and you’d like it now, the link below is available to point you to the right direction for steps on how to get this update through Kies.

Update link: How Do I Update The Software On My T-Mobile SGH-T959V (Galaxy S 4G) Phone To Android 2.2 Froyo (KD1) Through Kies Mini For PC?