BMW has just released an Android app called, 'EVolve' that analyzes your driving patterns to help you determine if one of their EV's (electric vehicles) would be right for you. BMW is no stranger to integrating smartphone usage with their automobiles and this one seems to take things to a new level. BMW currently makes an EV called the BMW ActiveE, but they may also have future planned EV's that this app could prove useful for. Here's a quote from the PhoneArena article,
You can log on to a dedicated website, and submit the results to BMW's servers, while the car maker is calling all app users its Collective Engineers, who are helping it shape up the electric vehicles of tomorrow.
This is pretty slick technology. Above is a pic of the app, and below is a video of the BMW ActiveE EV, and source link to the Android Market for you to try out the app.

Download Source: Android Market
Source: PhoneArena