Previously, we reported a rumor that LightSquared was working on a deal with Sprint to provide a network changeover/upgrade for Sprint to move them to 4G LTE. From the looks of today's rumors, that deal may have been finalized and will be moving forward. The deal is said to be valued at over $20 Billion dollars over the next 15 years and will transform Sprint's WiMAX network from ClearWire into a true 4G LTE network from LightSquared.

This will be instrumental in keeping Sprint competitive with the rest of the smartphone carriers. Supposedly, there are still some FCC technical hurdles for LightSquared to jump over regarding their frequencies possibly interfering with GPS signals, but Sprint seems confident that the issues can be worked out. There is no official word on this yet, but, if the rumor is true, we should hear something very soon, and will keep you updated.

Source: via PhanDroid
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