Google’s VP of Mobile and head honcho Android man Andy Rubin has taken to Twitter to announce that the Android Operating System is now getting a whopping 500,000 Android device activations a day, and that number is still rising!
These figures cement the idea that Google is continually on the rise and really is showcasing the impact and penetration the OS is having on the Smartphone, Software and Tablet market with half a million devices going live each day.

These increases don’t seem to be faltering either with Android now splitting it’s systems with the releases of Android 3.0 Honeycomb for tablets, Android 2.3 Gingerbread for Mobile (with 2.3 + being considered for older phones) and the future Android Ice Cream Sandwich (possibly 4.0) coming to the next generation of smartphones.
Currently Google’s Android has a market share of 36 per cent in the smartphone OS market, which has increased so much in the past year it has now overtaken Apple who now have 26% share with their iOS devices.

Andy Rubin's Twitter