So far, one of the best Android Tablets on the market has been the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Although there are several others that compete head-to-head with it, like the Asus Eee Pad Transformer, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 still garners enthusiastic praise for its attractive and light design as well as its performance and feature list. However, there has been a slightly disturbing trend as of late regarding the quality of the build, as several owners across multiple websites have begun reporting some of the same series of potential defects. Although this article isn't meant to cast a disparaging eye toward the gorgeous and competitive Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, we feel it is necessary as journalists to share this information with you in case it becomes a larger issue. Further, we also felt it would be beneficial to get a discussion going regarding these issues to see if a pattern is emerging, or if it is simply the regular levels of product defects that normally plague any new electronic device.

What we have seen posted in some of our own forums, as well as others including XDA Developers is a series of problems that keep cropping up. In fact, after doing some digging, several websites, including PhanDroid and SlashGear, have even posted news stories related to one of the problems that seems to be the most prolific of all the issues; the actual glass of the screen as it fits in its casing has come unglued and is "popping up". There are some reports that pushing it back down only fixes it temporarily, and it really points to a potential build quality defect. However, there are some other issues that seem to be increasing in volume as well, and here they are listed below:
  1. Dust under screen
  2. Moisture under screen
  3. Off center screen
  4. Ringing sound when touching the screen
  5. White noise sounds
  6. Heating issues
  7. WiFi issues

As you can see, there are several screen issues that could easily go hand-in-hand with the one mentioned previously. We want to hear from you guys, especially if you are owners and experiencing any of these problems. This could be a normal glitch in the product cycle of a complex electronic device, but it behooves us to discuss this to see if there is some larger issue involved. If it turns out there is a quality control issue, then at least we can be informed consumers, and Samsung can begin to improve their product with the knowledge we accumulate for them. Please sound off in the forums.

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