It pays to be an attorney for Samsung or Apple right now. The legal drama that has raged for some time between the two tech titans recently had two new developments. The first is that earlier in the month Apple filed an additional patent infringement suit within Samsung's home-ground of Korea, citing many of the same complaints as the newly amended U.S. case.

The second development is more recent. Samsung has filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission to investigate Apple regarding patent infringement with the iPod, iPad, and iPhone. They seek an import ban on these products, claiming that they violate several of Samsung's patents.

There has been new "rumint" (rumor-intelligence) floating around pointing to the very real possibility that the two tech giants' former business relationship has been permanently damaged by this war. These "rumblings" suggest that both companies intend to dump each other, and will fight this out to the bitter end. Hmmm... sounds like something you would see in a soap opera.

Source: SlashGear