The newest version of CyanogenMod 7 has a few interesting new features. The first is "Native Screenshots", and probably should have been a feature implemented in the Android OS itself. This feature basically allows you to take screenshots without downloading any additional programs or tools. This new item shows up in the Power Menu when you long-press the power button. Screenshot support was added by RC (Ricardo Cerqueira or @CM_arcee on Twitter), and should be showing up in the nightly builds soon. The other new feature is "Touch-To-Focus for HTC Cameras". Originally, CM 7 eliminated this feature, but now it is being added back in a limited form for HTC phones. It will allow still-shots, but no video yet, and should be available in the nightlies soon.

Also, the Droid Incredible 2 is now supported by CyanogenMod 7, but the S-OFF from AlphaRevX isn't available just yet for the device. As soon as it comes online, we should be able to punch and go with CM 7 for the Dinc2. The first build of CM 7.1, can be found here, and should be coming to the official CM download mirror soon.

Source: AndroidPolice