There is some new comScore marketing research data online now, showing the continued dominance of Android. Apple is still growing a bit too, and both are doing so at the expense of RIM, Microsoft and everyone else. From February to May of this year, Android gained another 5 percentage points to top out at 38.1% of U.S. Smartphone subscribers. Apple follows that up with a paltry 1.4 percentage point gain to hold on to 26.6%, but at least they are still gaining. RIM dropped another -4.2% points, from 28.9% to 24.7%... ouch! Microsoft and Palm round out the bottom. It's almost sad to see Microsoft actually lose ground since they only recently jumped into the smartphone OS game, and you practically can't really count Palm in the game anymore with a measly 2.4% market share, down from 2.8%. In every game, whether it is "just for fun" or "real life", there will be winners and losers. Obviously the real winners in this game are consumers, at least as long as good competition continues to make the technological advancements thrive. If the Android continues to dominate in the growth category, that may change, but it will be an interesting show to see how it plays out.

Source: AndroidPolice and comScore