Previously we reported that in a strange kind of irony, Microsoft was actually making more from Android patents than from its own Windows Phone 7 mobile OS. We listed several companies, including HTC, Velocity Micro, Onkyo and others that are now having to pay Microsoft a patent fee for every single Android device they make. This is based upon a number of patents that Microsoft holds that are used in Androids.

Apparently, Microsoft is gunning for the "big boys" now. They are now going after the 2nd largest cellphone manufacturer in the world, Samsung, for these same patent fees. And, they aren't asking paltry amounts either... Microsoft reportedly wants $15 bucks per Android device that Samsung makes. Further intel suggests that Samsung may try and negotiate that down to a $10 dollar per device fee in exchange for some other concessions, perhaps even Samsung adopting WP7 for more of their phones. It'll be interesting to see how this deal pans out.

It almost makes you feel sorry for Sammy. It's like they are getting picked on from all sides now.

Source: BGR and Reuters