If you thought that NFC technology was just going to become your mobile wallet of the future, you would be mistaken. Apparently, as the video above demonstrates, Google has quietly slipped some social networking NFC features into their new Google+ Service. Here's a quote from the Engadget article with some of the details,
Software developer Ridzuan Ashim discovered that, when used on an NFC-enabled device, you can read tags and share them through the new social networking service. After scanning, the OS asks you if you want to share the associated text with Google+ or another relevant program. Though the abilities seem somewhat limited for now, we'll likely see more developer support tossed in as the service matures.
It looks like these features are simply the "baby stages" of something bigger. I predict that this social networking aspect of NFC tech will really accelerate the use of NFC into the mainstream, beyond just the mobile payment services. What do you guys think?

Source: Engadget