Google Maps for Android just received a 5.7 update that adds several new features. Here's a breakdown straight from Google:
  • Transit Navigation (Beta) = GPS turn-by-turn (or in this case, stop-by-stop) navigation is available for public transit directions in 400+ cities around the globe with Transit Navigation
  • Updated Directions = If you select the driving or walking icon and your route is supported by Google Maps Navigation, the Navigation icon will automatically appear so you can get access to step-by-step directions in one click.
  • Improved Search Suggest = added category icons, so instead of all search suggestions displaying the same icon, the icon next to the listing will reflect the type of result. And, Also, any place you got directions to or called directly from its Places page will be included as a suggestion for a relevant search
  • Photo viewer for Place pages = a slick new photo viewer has been added so you can browse photos while deciding where to go
You can check out the snazzy Transit Navigation Beta in the video above. It's amazing all the useful features that Google keeps cramming into this awesome utility. At this rate, pretty soon our Androids will be able to telepathically guide us to our destinations.

Download Link for Update: Here.

Source: Google Blog