The amazing new Toshiba Thrive tablet will start hitting Best Buy retail stores on Sunday. Best Buy's preorder page lists this Sunday, July 10th, as the first day of availability, and the first day to pick up preorders. Of course, some Best Buys, "jumped the gun" and started selling the Tablet on July 4th, but we won't fault them for that little Independence Day surprise, now will we?

On an interesting separate note, Newegg is already selling the tab. They list the 8GB version at $430 with free two-day shipping, and the 16GB version will cost you $480, but also comes with a free additional back cover for a limited time. Sadly, their 32GB version is already sold out. Just to give you a reminder of why this tablet stands out from the rest of the crowded Android Tablet arena, here are its notable features again:
  • The same dual-core Tegra2, with Honeycomb and other features as the rest of the market
  • Full USB 2.0 and miniUSB ports and SD card slot (so you can hook up tons of storage devices, peripherals, and accessories)
  • Swappable back covers in a variety of colors (exclusive to this device)
  • A replaceable battery (also exclusive to this device, and pretty impressive)

Even though this tablet isn't as thin and elegant as some of the other ones available, its featureset is a bit more impressive. What do you guys think? Here's a link to Newegg - ToshibaThrive.

Source: via PhoneArena