The T-Mobile G2x was released last month with great features and with the title of “first phone to have a dual core processor.” That great title did not do the device well because in the rush to release it to the public to win that award, LG released a device plagued with bugs and software issues. These issues got so bad that even I had to return my new phone and go back to last year’s hardware. Nonetheless, LG is almost ready to push out the Gingerbread update that should give this phone a more stable user experience. This information was extracted from a post by one of LG’s forum moderators that said “…I’d be really surprised if it was more than a month out.” These guys are usually kept in the loop about what’s going on with the company, so his statement seems very possible.
Any G2x users out there? Excited for this update to fix your phone, or do you not have any bugs.
Via: Androidcommunity