Even though the Samsung Galaxy SII phone hasn't even hit the States yet, there are reports that over 6 Million of them have been sold world-wide already. This has apparently greatly bolstered Samsung's global phone sales in general to a very high degree. According to a recent Strategy Analytics report, Samsung may have sold as many as 21 Million cell phones world-wide during the second quarter, which would put them ahead of both Nokia and Apple. Nokia sold 16.7 Million during Q2, and Apple sold 20.3 Million iPhones. If these numbers turn out to be accurate, that would make Samsung the world's number one cell phone manufacturer. Even if the real numbers end up being smaller than these, at this rate, Samsung will eventually reach that point anyway, if their products can survive the legal battles with Apple. It'll be interesting to see how much these numbers are further affected when Samsung finally releases the Galaxy SII in the United States.

Source: PhanDroid