There is some indication that the Asus Eee Pad Transformer may be getting official Netflix support soon. This support may come when the tablet gets its Android Honeycomb version 3.2 update. For about a week now, most Android tablets have had "unofficial" support if you went to the trouble of "side-loading" the Netflix .apk file; however, the Transformer was the only one that this didn't work with, and required you to root and flash a custom .zip file onto it if you wanted Netflix.

Looking at Asus' newest Transformer spec webpage shows that the tablet can support Netflix. To put two-and-two together, recent reports indicate that Android 3.2 should be coming to the tablet very soon, which suggests the support has been built-in to the newest version of Honeycomb. At least, this is the logical chain of reasoning on Droid-Life, which seems pretty reasonable.

Source: via Droid-Life and Asus Transformer Spec Page