There are several interesting tidbits of news coming from the the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 NYC media event that we thought we would roll into one article for you. First, Samsung announced that Touchwiz UX, their newest version, will be rolling out with a public release on August 5th. They also shared dome of the details of the new UI:
  • Samsung Kies 2.0 support for PC and Mac
  • Live Panel = a magazine-like widget view for immediate access to weather, social updates, email, and news on the home pane
  • Mini Mode Tray = providing one-touch access to commonly used apps
  • Clipboard = advanced version of copy and paste
  • Photo Editor
  • Indicator Quick Panel = enables users to toggle on / off WiFi, notifications, sound, brightness and settings in lower right hand corner of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 display
  • Amazon's Music Cloud Player
  • The Kindle app and 'Words with Friends'
  • Full support for Exchange ActiveSync version 14, on-device encryption and Compatibility with Cisco's VPN / Sybase MDM / WebEx
  • Wireless printing to any "compatible" printer
  • Improved Swype app that enables resizing of the keyboard and movement of the keys to any position on the panel
  • Adobe's Flash Player 10.3,
  • Redesigned Samsung Media Hub service

For more info and to prep for the OTA update, hit the Samsung source link below to setup an account.

The next bit of news from the event, is that Samsung will be offering a slew of new accessories for the Galaxy Tab 10.1. While most of these have been hinted at in previous news, pricing details were shared on them this time. Here's a breakdown of them:
  • $50 Multimedia Dock, that props the device up in landscape mode, charges it and gives it an HDMI out
  • $80 Ultra Productivity Tool that also charges the device and includes a full-sized keyboard with Android shortcut keys
  • $150 Premium Protective case that basically transforms the tablet into a pseudo-notebook with a full-size Bluetooth keyboard and a hinge that lets you adjust the tab's viewing angle
  • $40 HDTV adapter gives the tablet full 1080p HDMI output
  • $60 Premium Book Cover which is basically a fancy case for the device and allows you to prop it up for typing or viewing movies
  • $20 stylus with an aluminum body and a silicon tip

You can see pics of the accessories at the second Engadget Source link below.
Source: via Engadget; (1), (2) and Samsung